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Antimicrobial Scrubs are HERE!

LifeThreads scrubs are TRUE antimicrobial scrubs! Check out their ERGO 2.0 scrub line that uses innovative technologies that inhibit unwanted bacteria that lasts the lifetime of the product. Not to mention it's soft, stretchy and stylish for any healthcare professional!


What's New!

Cherokee Form

Bringing you both style and function, Form takes things to a new level! With 360-degree stretch, moistrue-wicking material and a modern fit, Form has it all! This set gives you both a polished and professional look with the function of plenty pocket space and easy to wash fabric.


Peaches is BACK!

After it's long absence, Peaches has finally returned! Med Couture presents their tribute to Peaches, the brand you knew and loved. This line features a soft and stretchy material that moves and breathes with you all day long. Your day will be Peachy Keen after you slio intp this minimalistic and athletic material!